Tourism in Perigord Noir

3 September 2023

chateau des Milandes

Périgord Noir is located in the southern part of Dordogne, it’s a nature-friendly area that everyone should visit. On the touristic side, our natural region has a lot to offer: castles, prehistoric sites and medieval villages. You have everything you need not to be bored and enjoy your holidays with family or friends.


When researching the activities to do and the places to visit inPérigord Noir, you have probably wondered why “Périgord Noir”. In the southeast of the Dordogne, Périgord Noir is so called because there are many holm oak forests. These oak forests are very dark, which gives this old Sarladaise region the name Périgord Noir. But that ‘s not it! Dordogne is divided into three other parts: Périgord Blanc, Périgord Pourpre and Périgord Vert. This division into four colors was decided to help visitors find their way.

Let’s start with Périgord Vert. This is the northern part of the Dordogne. The name was given by Jules Verne himself, who constantly admired the green landscape of the meadows.

Périgord Blanc is located in the center of the Dordogne. This name was chosen because of the white color of limestone, often used to construct buildings. The capital of the department is located in this part of the Dordogne: Périgueux.

Finally, we end with Périgord Pourpre. This part is located in the southwest of the Dordogne, near the Bordelais. As you can imagine, it takes its name from the vineyards of the department.



From the campsite, you have an easy access to many of the most beautiful sites of Périgord noir:

  • the medieval city of Sarlat
  • the Dordogne valley with its castles and villages
  • some prehistoric jewels: Lascaux, Les Eyzies
  • Lot department with Rocamadour, the Padirac

You can practice caving, climbing, tennis, golf, horse riding, cycling. Walking or canoeing on the Dordogne river will also allow you to discover a more secret Périgord.


Visit the medieval towns and villages of the Périgord

  • Sarlat (10 km away)
  • the beautiful village of Domme with its magnificent view over the Dordogne valley (10 km)
  • La Roque-Gageac or one of the most beautiful villages in France (10 km)


Discover the beautiful gardens of DordognE

  • Les Jardins d’eau (500m away)
  • Eyrignac gardens, the vegetal jewel of Périgord Noir (15km)
  • Marqueyssac gardens (16km)


Discover the castles of Périgord Noir

  • Château de Beynac, from the middle ages with impressive architecture

  • Château des Milandes, the castle where you go to meet the incredible life of Josephine Baker

  • Château de Castelnaud, museum of war in the middle ages with a collection of weapons and armor


must visit sites

  • Les grottes de Lascaux 4, the complete reproduction of the rock drawings of the cave 35 km away
  • La Roque Saint Christophe, troglodyte fortress (35 km)


useful ressources

Sarlat Tourism Office

Dordogne valley Tourism Office

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